Helyx Bike

The bike was the most popular form of transportation when it was invented and it still is today.

The feeling of riding a bike is a unique.  The way a bike moves and balances is unlike anything else.  But we wanted something more. 

At Helyx we knew there was a way to go beyond what a bike can do, to make riding on two wheels more challenging and exciting.

By steering the rear wheel as well as the front, a whole new style of riding becomes possible.  


As soon as you step on, it feels like something you were always able to do but had never realized. You start seeing at the landscape in a different way, looking for new places to ride.

We've gone through multiple prototypes to get the bike handling just right.  It's been designed to be easy to ride yet agile. The front and rear steering are carefully balanced to work together.

The Helyx fits a range of heights from 4'10 to 6'4.



Many Colors

Choose from any color you like so long as it is either: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, or Yellow.



There is a quick release lock so when you just want to get somewhere fast, you snap it closed and it's just like a normal bike.

The Helyx is a workout for the body and the mind. Easy to start but hard to master.

With Helyx, the possibilities are endless.